• Our institute has organised many fashion shows and fashion week.
  • Fashion show is an event of fashion designer to showcase their own created garments of clothing, textile, interior products, jewellery and accessories.
  • In IFD,  our team give  many opportunities of back staging, front stage, and displaying his or her design collection, to those students  who are willing to learn and participate.
  • Students on first stage in fashion designing course can participate in back staging rounds in fashion show to learn the garment and accessories details, etc.
  • On second stage, students will learn about front staging, how to manage and handle organisers, lighting, music, etc.
  • At final stage, senior students has the complete knowledge of  designing skills, they can create their own design collection according to the theme and showcase their on stage show.
  • In IFD, we prepare our students for every stage to face any challenge to organise, handle, and design their collection.
  • Join IFD, and learn fashion show skills and increase your talent.